Our Approach

A Short Summary of Our Approach
to Investment Planning and Implementation

We know that personal investment planning and implementation is something people like you can understand and manage with the right amount of individual guidance, patience and education. It doesn't have to be a mysterious and complex process in which you may feel like an outsider looking in. So unlike the typical stockbroker at a large national firm who may be responsible for more than 200 client portfolios, we purposely keep our stable of clients small so we have time to give you and your investment plan the right amount of personal attention. We're also passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge, so we won't be satisfied until you completely understand your investment plan and become a working partner with us as we move along the path to your financial future. There will be no more standing on the outside, looking in.

Charles Schwab
We're very proud to be an institutional client of Charles Schwab, so if you choose to work with us, that's where your assets will be kept and where we'll buy and sell your investments. With numerous custodial options on the market, we choose Charles Schwab because of the terrific support and research tools they offer institutional clients. Schwab's almost eight million clients worldwide and $722 billion in assets offer the kind of strength and track record we're looking for and you can be very comfortable with.
Our Process
Although it's described in more detail elsewhere on the site, our working process is a very straightforward one—in fact it's a three-step process. First, we'll get together and go over your current financial situation to determine your specific financial goals, both short- and long-term. Next, we do careful research on today's investment options and put together the investment plan that best fits your goals and comfort level. Finally, we'll implement and manage the plan with a very hands-on style.
Our clients receive a monthly account statement but what they find most valuable are our special Quarterly Reports that clearly explain performance, asset allocation and compare our performance against a benchmark index (a blended index that offers a good comparison to your particular investment portfolio) so you'll always know how we're measuring up against the industry average (details below).

1.Establishment of the Client / Advisor relationship
We'll start with a clear explanation of our services, including the responsibilities and expectations of both you as client and us as your advisor. We'll also present our fee structure.

2.Assessment of Present Situation
Then, we'll discus your comfort level with investing. To do this, we'll need to determine where you have been in the investment world and where you think you want to go. Together, we'll explore possible changes or new directions that should be more fruitful.

3.Setting Financial Objectives and Priorities
Next, we'll gather information about your personal and financial goals. Your current needs and future expectations will be the priority. For example, you may be saving for your children or grandchildren's education. Of course housing needs and retirement plans are often considered. With enough information, we'll be able to start forming the big picture of your financial and investment future.

4.Setting the Appropriate Course to Achieve Objectives
Once we've outlined your personal financial objectives, we can start taking the steps along your path. Every client is different. You may be close to retirement and have a greater need for income-producing investments. Or you may be younger and have a longer investment timeline. Which in turn might mean you would benefit from and tolerate an investment portfolio with more inherent risk. Individual situations always determine investment course.

5.Review Recommendations and Determination of Investment Actions
At this point, we'll lay out our recommended investment plan which will often include more than one investment option. Together we'll agree on the options with which you are most comfortable. By this time, we will have spent a significant amount of time educating and building trust so this process moves along easily. You should feel very confident about moving forward in the direction we've recommended.

6.Plan Implementation
At J. Dyhr Capital, we'll take care of all your investment activities as an institutional client of Charles Schwab. You'll receive full documentation and reporting of all your portfolio transactions as they occur.

7.Investment Monitoring and Reporting on a Timely Basis.
We'll continually monitor the investments in your portfolio. At times, a rebalancing of your investment allocation may be necessary to improve performance or reduce risk. We will be in communication with you every step of the way so that you'll continue to be an active participant in your investment process as it occurs.

Each month you'll receive a routine statement of your account. But in addition, you'll receive four Quarterly Reports each year that distinctly explain your portfolio's performance, your investment allocation and then compare your portfolio to a blended index that matches your portfolio's allocation (this would be like comparing my team's batting average as a result of my coaching to all the other team batting averages around the league). You'll not only be able to track your own performance but you'll be able to track our performance against the industry average. We firmly believe that transparency on our part is the honest way to do business. Our clients believe it too and they repeatedly thank us for it.
So as we've said, please take some time and get to know us. We think transparency on our part equals honesty and that's especially important if you're going to trust us with any part of your financial future. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you to get where you want to go.