What makes J Dyhr different from the major brokerage houses?
We're sure that our much smaller size offers a real advantage over the large impersonal brokerage houses. Our limited client list allows us the time to give far more attention to your portfolio than others might. We take pride in the personal relationships we maintain with each of our clients. We can also be more available to you and have a more up-to-date knowledge of your portfolio and its performance. Finally, since we receive no commission for the transactions that take place in your portfolio, we have nothing to gain by "churning" the contents of your portfolio. We only succeed (and are rewarded for it) when your portfolio performs.

How will J. Dyhr Capital charge me for their services? Does J. Dyhr receive a commission when my portfolio assets are bought or sold?
We feel that commission-based service fees are a flawed way to do business. The broker who receives a commission for every asset that's bought or sold may be more motivated to make trades than to manage your assets to your best advantage.

At J. Dyhr, our fee is based on a percentage of your total assets held with us. We feel this puts us on the same side of the table as our clients. If we perform and your assets grow, our compensation increases along with the success of your portfolio. If the value of your portfolio drops, we receive a pay cut. The number of transactions that occur in the portfolio make no difference to the fee you pay. We sleep much better at night using this arrangement and we think you will, too.

In order to keep your costs as low as possible, we are committed to using low-expense, no-load (no sales charge) mutual funds when choosing investment products for your portfolio.

Where will the assets in my portfolio be held?
We have an excellent relationship with Charles Schwab-Institutional and they are the custodian of all our clients' assets. No investments are held at J. Dyhr Capital.

What type of reports about my portfolio will I receive and how often will I receive them?
Each month, you will receive an account statement from Charles Schwab by either regular mail or e-mail, depending on your preference.

In addition, each quarter you will receive a customized report from J. Dyhr that will include your portfolio allocation and performance both by account and investment. Also included will be a report that compares your portfolio's performance (after fees) against a custom benchmark index for your portfolio (Download a sample copy). Finally, Morningstar information on your particular investments is included twice a year.

This all means that you'll have a very good idea of how your portfolio is performing.

How available is J. Dyhr to answer questions I may have? What's your communication policy?
We are committed to answering all phone calls and e-mails within 24 hours. We make an effort to interact with our clients face to face on a quarterly basis unless you request more or fewer meetings.

You can also expect a call from us before any transactions take place in your portfolio.

Is J. Dyhr Capital supervised or audited by any government entity?
J. Dyhr Capital is registered and supervised by the Department of Corporations for the State of California. Our registration can be found online at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission website by clicking here and entering firm name J. Dyhr Capital or CRD# 135728.